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A Christmas Sax

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Song: "Little Bird" (with a broken wing)

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      You have heard him play Saxophone for some of the greatest names in showbusiness and on recordings by major artists in the music industry like Kenny Rogers, James Brown, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich, Lee Greenwood and Barbara Mandrel and many more.

     From the Kings of Rock and Roll to the "King of Kings" and from Caesar's Palace to a heavenly palace, Donnie Sax Sanders has made his journey from a Las Vegas entertainer to a full time musical evangelist, preaching the gospel and doing christian concerts all over the world. You will love his unmistakable sound on tenor and alto sax and on his old Saxello (soprano) as he plays all of the greatest gospel hymns of all time, his way.


Musical Dramas By Donnie Sax Sanders

Story Of The Good Shepherd

    3 Cd's Parts 1, 2, and 3

Books By Donnie Sax Sanders

From Caesar To Christ

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The Best of Sacred Sax 3&4