The Story Of The Good Shepherd  Part 1, 2, & 3

3 CD's With 21 Sing-Along Songs

A 120 Minute Musical Drama for Children on 3 CD's with 21 sing-along songs. Part 1. Jesus teaches the story of "Creation" to His little lambs and that we should love one another, no matter the color of our wool. Part 2. Jesus teaches about the deliverance of the Jews out of Egypt and why it was necessary for a passover lamb. Part 3- The Calvary Story as seen through His little lambs eyes. This CD is sure to entertain and teach your children with easy to memorize, fun-filled, humorous Sing-A-Long Songs and Narrative. An Original Story and Music.. written and produced By Donnie Sax Sanders.

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Song: "Little Bird" (with a broken wing)

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Story Of The Good Shepherd

    3 Cd's Parts 1, 2, and 3

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