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     Miller Refrigeration Service was founded by me, Harold Miller, in May of 1975. I graduated from college at MTSU, and had an idea that I could help people with the trade I had acquired. My actual experience started in May of 1965. I was a “gopher” or tool man for Dorris Newman’s Refrigeration Service. I worked through the summer months until I was a senior in high school. I graduated from Central High School in 1968 and started MTSU in January of 1969. During this time, I continued to work for Mr. Newman. In October of 1970, I joined the US Army and served with the Corp. of Engineers at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Upon completion of my duty, I returned home and resumed my studies at MTSU. As I continued my education, I returned to work with Mr. Newman. It was around this time that I met and married Carolyn Beernink of the Midland Community. After marriage, I realized I had more training in my acquired trade and would be foolish not to use it. With one truck, a dream, and a new wife to help me, Miller Refrigeration Service was born. It is now 32 years and three children later, and we are still going strong. We now have six trucks and six to seven employees. We have one office manager, an office assistant, four full-time employees and a part-time employee.

    The business has changed and so have our responsibilities. My son, Seth, became a co- owner in 2005. This has been a special addition to our business. Seth has ridden in the service truck with me since he was ten years old. He now manages all the new construction and change-out jobs. As the years have gone by, technology has brought new tools and new ways of repairing a product; therefore, our business has grown and changed to adapt to the advancing technology. Maintaining and following governmental regulations is an ever present concern, and every job we do is to code regulations or it is not complete. Throughout our entire business career, our company is committed to integrity in our business relationships with others and will continue to make things right if given the chance with each individual client.


     We have grown willingly over the years through a very prosperous time for our community here in Murfreesboro and the surrounding county. Rest assured, we are committed in our efforts to help those who call on us for service.

Harold S. Miller

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